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Wie & Wo

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Long time ago, humankind forgot its duty as guardians of the earth. The circle of support broke. The nation of the little people became divided in its desperate battle over humankind. Only the descendants of those who voluntarily placed themselves under a protective spell managed to secretly keep the power of their hearts.
It had always been written that one day one would come who would hear the ancient calling again and awaken her people.“

*** * ***

As Timberlana breaks the spell, the ancient light of her people awakens, ready to reunite the nations and remind humankind of their duty as guardians of the earth.

*** * ***

A fairytale adventure enriched with spiritual wisdom and carried by an uplifting spirit.


Now available to literature agencys & publishing houses!


Über mich

Christiane Weihmann Römmele alias Christiane Menschwærts.
I started writing at age six. As soon as I learned to write the first words I opened up for rhymes and short stories. The tale of the little people is a legacy of my grand-grand-mother, passed down through the generations.
There was so much to learn before I was ready to put it on paper!
So much knowledge about healing. About the nature of the human spirit. I was hungry for it. Studied it. Experienced it myself. I had always felt the call to write novels that are deep, filled with wisdom and joyfully uplifting at the same time. So, I became a counselor, a bodyworker, a spiritual healer ‒ and a mother ‒ before I started my writing career.

Additional to my writing I offer sessions. After 22 years of working as a holistic counselor I now specialize in soul writing sessions in the quantum field. Words of power, spoken with a clear intention, can be a real quantum leap! 
Liberation, Self-empowerment, and embodyment are a direct result of this special work. 

Let´s awaken the light within!


The Calling

a whisper lies in the air
a sound louder than thunder
baboom baboom baboom
it hurries and hastens
through limbs
hearts rise and fall
with the blowing winds
they call to me
I call myself
to me


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